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Voyëlia is a one-of-a-kind online school that takes you on a transformative journey, transcending language boundaries as you embark on the quest to learn, read, understand, speak, and write new languages.

Our certified training organization is the starting point for your language journey:

Choose your path to success based on your goals :

cours visio enfant voyëlia

Little Voyëlia

(for 3 years of age and older)
Group or private lessons designed to help students learn a new language effortlessly, much like a native language, while having fun.

Cours Adultes Voyelia

Voyëlia for adults

(for 18 years of age and older, from level A1 to C2) :
Whether solo or in a group, unleash your linguistic powers, and embark on a transformative journey where fluency becomes your passport to limitless horizons!

Cours Pro Voyelia

Voyëlia for professionals

(from level A1 to C2, in-company or adult courses)
This program provides a personalized learning experience that will enable your teams to improve their performance or allow you to excel in your career. At the end of the course, participants receive a certificate to mark their achievement and success.


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Our method & pedagogy

A school without walls for learning without limits

Why Choose Voyëlia?

Your passion, our expertise — a perfect match for learning.

Our experienced teachers use interactive, fun and immersive  teaching methods designed to ensure  your utmost comfort and enjoyment.  

Our user-friendly online platform gives  you access to courses and resources  from anywhere, at any time, so you can  learn at your own pace. Our teachers  from around the world are ready to reveal  the hidden treasures of their native  languages!  

You’ll learn to express yourself in a  stress-free and fun way. You’ll also  discover a new language through  vocabulary and immerse yourself in a  new culture with our educational  resources.  

Our mission is to prove that learning a  new language is as easy as child’s  play, whether you’re 3, 6 or 99! 

Voyëlia personalized approach ensures content that perfectly matches your goals. Our online course platform allows you to schedule classes based on your availability and proficiency level. In addition, our pedagogy is personalized for each group and we are constantly adding exciting new material to each new session.

Throughout your learning experience, you’ll be immersed in engaging scenarios that challenge you to use the French language and interact with other learners. The interactive and playful approach creates a non-judgmental environment that allows you to experiment, practice and improve your French with confidence, without the fear of making mistakes.

Our courses encourage interaction among learners and are based on real-life situations that are useful in everyday life. Learning in a group setting provides you with mutual support and a nurturing environment where everyone is encouraged to express themselves and actively participate. Learning becomes a shared adventure where you grow together and inspire each other. It’s a shared journey where you feel the joy of progress and the thrill of discovering new horizons with like-minded people!

V Voyëlia
Our values

The values that drive us every day :

A PREMIUM support

We believe in investing in our teaching team because they are the key to providing you with the highest quality courses. We guarantee you personalized attention, the best resources, and a nurturing environment in which you will learn and grow.

Join the FUN!

At Voyëlia, we take learning seriously, but we never take ourselves too seriously. No boring lectures here! We strive to create a fun and stimulating atmosphere that makes every lesson an enjoyable and entertaining experience.

A MODERN approach

Our teachers use modern content to ensure that the lessons are relevant to our times. Our online platform is designed to provide you with an intuitive and user friendly learning experience that fits current and future trends.

Voyëlia Philosophy

Voyëlia is a pleasant journey towards meeting your personal and professional goals, guided by the French language.


Our teachers will guide you through grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary, but our approach goes beyond traditional teaching. We are committed to providing you with practical and real-life skills to interact effortlessly, express yourself confidently, and understand cultural nuances.


We believe that speaking French is more than just knowing words and sentences. That's why we love to share the treasures of French culture with you through fun activities and stimulating discussions. Culture is at the heart of our teaching because it brings life and excitement to learning.


At Voyëlia, we're not just here to teach; we want to spark your curiosity, encourage you to take risks, and foster your entrepreneurial spirit. Our goal is to inspire a love of learning and exploration, build your confidence, and empower you to turn knowledge into real life achievements. It is with passion and joy that we guide you on this transformative journey, where language becomes a powerful tool to shape your dreams and aspirations.

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